How To Build My Own Cash Machine Through Stock Investment


“The skills and knowledge on knowing how to evaluate the right time to invest into stock market will determine our long term success on stock investing. However, skills and knowledge on knowing how to trade effectively will create a money machine in our life!”

As we understand, if someone asked a question regarding a matter or an issue, there will certainly be different opinions emerged in the discussion session. You most probably find this scenario happens whenever you conduct a meeting. Different people produce different opinions on a particular issue due to dissimilar backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and skills.

By virtue of the fact that every individual is unique, they possess different opinion and point of view in every issue. The same applies to determining the right time on getting into the stock market or entering a trade. As for me, I view the right time to get into the stock market multi-dimensionally. I select the timing for investing and trading by looking into micro and macro perspectives.

One of the examples for micro section is the real value of the stock. As we all know, price and value are different. Price is referred to the market quotation whereas value is the real quotation based on the company’s financial health and the performance in terms of return. On the other hand, in macro section, we will look into the market direction either in fundamental or technical way.

Through acquiring the skills and knowledge introduced by this book, you will be able to choose the right stock and time to invest. If you have read my first book ‘The Powerful Value Investing Formula’, I believe that you have been able to select a stock based on my ‘Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA)’ and value box trade by using ‘Value Box Trading System (VBTS)’. It is adequate for those who wish to manage their own portfolio for a good and consistent return. However, I am very convinced that the skill on selecting the right stock to invest at the right price, right time and with right Buffer of Security (BOS) is very significant for long term investing success. Furthermore, the psychologies of willing to cut losses early and let the profits run are very crucial to sustain your maximum profits in the financial market.

In this book, we discuss in details on how to determine the right stock and time to invest, as well as how to trade successfully and effectively, and hence, to create a money machine for a lifetime. This is not an ordinary investment book which solely talks about concepts and theories, it is a real book to share with you the practical know-how on selecting the right stock and entry at the right time in a comprehensive way. I wrote to share with you a step-by-step basis, which is different from the other investment books. I assure you that you can straight away practice and gain benefits from it. The only thing that you should do is to take action and make it happen…!!!



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