Stock Advanced Seminar

Six POWERFUL Investing Topics

Hi! Investor!

Frankly speaking, this lesson is not for everyone, but for investors who have dreams and aspirations who want to accumulate more wealth in the market, rather than investors who simply invest and earn interest, just like now of you! Now that you are here, it may be your first step to break through yourself in 2021!

The most important thing is
What To Expect From Stock Advanced Seminar???

  • Macroeconomic and Microeconomic

    An investor must understand macroeconomics even do not need to be an economic analyst. We learn the basic economic concept to understand the trends of the stock market. We must know that every crisis can be a turning point for a business opportunity.

  • Company Fundamental Analysis

    Understand the company’s fundamentals (ROE, ROCE, PE, EPS, SRA, VBTS, CRTL) can effectively let us know if a company’s financial status is good

  • Company Real Value Evaluation

    Company’s stock value followed by the company’s progress, but stock prices will change with market sentiment. There are thousands of ways to calculate a company’s value. We will use the most effective formula to calculate the company’s short-, intermediate- and long term value.

  • Trend Recognition Strategy

    We study the trend of the stock market by using indicators and chart patterns. Fundamentals and technical analysis are used in conjunction to determine the right time to enter the market.

  • New Evolution of Value Investing Formula

    Introduce to the New Evolution of Value Investing Formulas (SRA complete version, VBTS, CRTL, BCPL, REITS, and FPR), which are discovered by Mr. Tony Lim. You will learn on how to find a potential company, calculate the market value of a company and trade at the safety margin, forecast the potential rate of return, and minimize the risk.

  • Ultimate Success Trading Formula

    Learn CFDs, futures trading, and index trading. Create a winning strategy for your value investing by using more than 15 investment tips including FTEAM, Monkey Purchasing Philosophy, TGTS, BOS, BMW.

Stock Advanced seminar is centered on ‘New Generation Value Investment’, using stocks to accumulate wealth, and then using trading indexes and commodities to achieve double-potential compound interest

Besides, you will get the bonus as below:

BONUS 1 – Free to participate in Stock Express Class & Futures Express class

BONUS 2 – Whatsapp group, online assistance after seminar

BONUS 3 – Additional actual operation trading video

BONUS 4 – Additional stock analysis video

BONUS 5 – Free one time review seminar

BONUS 6 – FAQ session

It may take a long time to look at the fundamentals of investing in stocks!

But if you match the trend, you can find different investment opportunities at each time point!


You only need to make the smart choice:
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What you need to do next?

Of course! Lay the most solid foundation for your future, and investment is one of the indispensable skills in an ideal life. The key is whether you want to continue to wait or take that step now!

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[Seminar Details]

  • Time: Total 18 hours, each time 3 hours, 6 times in a roll (online)
  • Date: During weekend
  • Way of seminar: Facebook private group live
  • Tutor: Tony Lim