Stock Express Seminar

5 Techniques To Find Potential Stock

What To Expect From Stock Express Seminar

  • Fundamental Analysis

    In part one, you will learn how to judge the direction of the stock market and use the stock market cycle to find out when will the stock market go lower. The psychological cycle method is also a part of which allows us to see how people on the outside market see the current stock market trend. Next, we are about to determine the type of stocks. There are roughly three types of stocks, the first cycle, the second growth, and the third type of speculation. In addition, we will learn how to use the fundamentals to find a good stock.

  • Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) - Fundamental

    In part two, our Stock Express Class will teach you how to use the Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) strategy discovered by Mr. Tony Lim. The SRA is a very good method to find a potential stock effectively. A good stock must have a good fundamentals, by using the SRA method it will definitely help us to find a good basic stocks.

  • Multiple Algorithms

    In part three, our Stock Express Class will discuss about a quote spoken by Benjamin Graham. He said that investors should become an investor, not a speculator and because of what he said we will use a set of algorithms (which will be taught in the class) to calculate the profitability of a company. If a company’s profit grows, it will be classified as a profitable company meaning that there will be room for growth. Unprofitable companies are commonly seen as no room for growth.

  • Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) - Complete

    In part four, our Stock Express Class will combine the Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) Fundamental and the Indicator Structure. Once we use the SRA method, we can find out a good and high potential company easily. But to understand the in-depth details of a company, we will use the indicator to measure whether the company is good for short-term, medium-term or long-term profit.

  • Technical Analysis

    In part five, our Stock Express Class will look at pictures and tell its stories. What does it mean? It means that our trainer Mr. Tony Lim will use a chart form to draw the shape of a stock, and then we use the shape of the chart to determine the trend of the stock. The combination of the chart and indicator is known as technical analysis. Thanks to the modern technology because it allows us to find a company’s entry point, stop loss, and target profit efficiently.