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  • Do You Feel Tired Of Working Extra Hours Or Overtime (OT)?
  • Do You Want To Make A Passive Income?
  • Do You Wish To Change Your Life Starting From This Moment?
  • Have You Acquired The Financial Knowledge For Your Financial Success?
  • Are You Ready For The Investment Era?

Learn from Tony Lim, who started investing with a little capital since he was a student. He shares ‘The New Evolution of Value Investing Formula’ to create insurance for every stock you are investing in. It consists of 21 powerful strategies to help you succeed in your stock investing. Now, he is giving the tips on the methods of accumulating wealth through investment.

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Tony Lim

Founder & Master Trainer

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WCT Worldwide Training comprises of 3 sections: Stock Classes, Born As Champion (BAC) and VIPRO.


Specializing in training related to financial products such as Stock, Commodity, Future Trading, Contract For Difference (CFD) and Warrant.


How We Read About Wealth, Is How We Read About Our Life. WCT Worldwide Training reads wealth from various perspectives such as Family, Academy and Career.

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What Our Client's Say

Before joining WCT Worldwide Training, I had no experience in investment at all. After I applied what I learned at WCT to stocks and futures, it really helps me to DOUBLE UP my income. There is a lot of thanks to teacher, Mr. Tony Lim, and WCT Teams. Thank you !
Elaine Chan
Stock Advanced Seminar Student
Thanks to my value investing teacher, Mr. Tony Lim for teaching me how to study the real value of a company and also how to find out an undervalued stock.
Sung Chee Seng
Stock Advanced Seminar Student
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