Futures Trading Camp & Contest


Suitable for beginners or investors who want to make money through indexes and commodities in the futures market


Please read the following details before purchasing: 

Futures Trading Camp & Contest

Duration: Up to 9 months.

Date: Weekend (Please contact our customer service to get more information).

Way of seminar: Facebook Private group Live

Mentor: WCT Tony Lim

Content of Futures Trading Camp & Contest:

  1. Trading Journal Review
  2. Monthly Offline/Online Seminar
  3. Futures Trading Competition

What will you get: 

  1. Online assistance by tutors and assistants
  2. Whatsapp Communicate group
  3. Additional actual live combat trading videos
  4. Additional FAQ session
  5. Free 1 time review seminar

Any inquiry kindly contact:

  • 018-2327276 (Rong Zhen)
  • 011-11359939 (Eddy)
  • 018-2207873(Yun Wen)

There will be no refund for the paid seminar fees, course fees, software, PDF files, electronic media, and any other product purchased from WCT Worldwide Training. By joining this seminar means you agree with the company terms and conditions.


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